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This particular guide will teach tips on how to make custom Error Pages. Create error pages for 404 Not Found errors and 500 Internal Server Errors, and also 28 other errors. This guide will expect that you are currently logged into your cPanel. In case you are having trouble trying that, be sure to see the guide titled "How to Login to cPanel".

On your main cPanel page, scroll right down to the Advanced section, and Click on the Error Pages link. This would take you to the main error pages page. This page lists many kinds of error pages that you could modify.

We'll select one, and click on the link. This will bring you to an editing page. This is where you make your custom error page. You may include one or more of the listed tags to further customize the page. You may also use HTML tags in your page, making it an easy task to match the look of your error page to the other parts of your web site.

Make your page simply by entering your text into the big block. For instance: The page (then click on the "Requested URL" button) is unavailable. Scroll down and click on the Save button. You are then taken to a verification page, displaying that your error page is created. Click on the Go Back button.

You could modify any of the listed error pages, but you do not need to if you do not want to. All accounts have preset standard error pages. Press the HOME option in the top left corner to return to the main cPanel page.

Now you can exit cPanel by closing your browser, or simply by using the Logout button in the upper right corner. Don't forget, if you are using a public laptop or computer, Be sure you Logout of cPanel before shutting due to security reasons.

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