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This guideline would explain easy ways to make and handle support tickets in the client area. Support tickets are a smart way of keeping in touch with us each time you are looking for support, as for instance having questions clarified, discussing an issue, as well as looking for assistance. The ticket system leaves a paper trail for both you and us to check out in order that we both know that the problems were addressed. Also it shows you a history of the answer, if ever the issue occurs again. And thus, all you have to do is look at the tickets, and you have your solution already!

This guideline is going to presume that you are by now logged into the Client Area. If you are having problems doing that, or don't know how, remember to look at the guideline called "How to Login to the Client Area".

On the Client Area page, in the client area menu, click on My Support Tickets. This takes you to the Support Ticket Page, where you will simply click Submit Ticket. You are currently in the Submit Ticket area, where you can create and send tickets to the department of your choice.

Pick the department you would want to send out the ticket to. The ticket will open with your information completed. Type in a subject in the subject line. Next type in your ticket details in the big box. When you are all set, simply click Submit. You have now correctly submitted a support ticket, and a copy of it has been emailed to you.

In order to manage an already sent in ticket, click on the My Support Tickets link. You will see any tickets listed which you have submitted, along with their status. If the ticket is open, and you wish to add more to it, click the Subject to open it. You can scroll down and put more details. Also you can mark the ticket closed by simply clicking on the IF RESOLVED, CLICK HERE TO CLOSE THE TICKET button.

Simply click the Client Area in the You are here list. This returns you to the Client Area, and concludes this guideline. You now know how to submit as well as handle a support ticket in your client Area.

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